Quality Ingredients:

Ăn Viet stays true to a key characteristic of traditional Vietnamese cooking – using only the freshest ingredients and allowing the natural flavours of the ingredients to shine through. To ensure authenticity and in line with our belief that quality ingredients make a significant difference to the taste of the final dish,  key ingredients such as our fish sauce, rice paper, Pho (Rice Noodles), Bun (Rice Vermicelli) etc are specially imported from Vietnam after an intensive selection process.

Our premium Fish Sauce:

  • Pure: using 100% anchovies, salt and water, without any artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives

  • Naturally brewed for over a year

  • First draw (first extraction before more water and salt are added for the 2nd or subsequent draws which become increasingly diluted)

  • Produced in Phu Quoc, the famous region in Vietnam for fish sauce production and which has successfully registered as a Geographical Indication.

  • 35⁰N: An indication of nitrate levels, a function of the amount of anchovies used to make the fish sauce. The higher the ⁰N number, the higher the grade of fish sauce

  • Packs an umami punch!

At our Sunway Pyramid outlet, we serve pots of organic basil plants. Guests get to harvest the leaves themselves and add as much as they like to their food. It doesn’t get any fresher than that!



Our stocks, sauces, marinades, drinks etc are made-from-scratch. A tastier, more natural and healthier alternative to pre-mixed, semi-processed foods filled with preservatives!


All our Mains are Cooked-to-Order:

That might mean waiting a little for your food, but freshly cooked food always tastes better!


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